Photo courtesy ❤ CHARLOTTE DUPONT ❤ taken at WILDCRAFT STUDIO in PDX.

Photo courtesy ❤ CHARLOTTE DUPONT ❤ taken at WILDCRAFT STUDIO in PDX.


HOOPLA was born in lovely little Portland, Oregon in 2012. I started by teaching myself simple back stitch in order to make some holiday gifts, and soon I was sending my work all over the world (you guys! ♥). My style has evolved to combine traditional stitches with a looser, more painterly style, using threads as brush strokes to achieve greater variation in texture and detail. When I first opened my business I wasn't quite sure where things would lead- I only knew it felt oh so right. I'm thrilled with how far we've come, but even more excited about future plans and projects. What else can we dream up?! I know you have magical ideas, so don't be afraid to get in touch! 

I'm really inspired by plants of all kinds and the messages they share with us, allll the things that nature makes, quiet times fanciful times hilarious times. Connections to people and places. Fond memories, sweet exchanges, the magical feelings that grace some moment of each and every day (several moments, if we're doing it right). I try to capture something special in every piece.  

Embroidery looks simple and elegant, but a lot of work goes into placing each tiny stitch. Ya gotta have a ton of patience. Some projects take one or two hours at most, while other things may take days to finish. I'm into both; I love and find satisfaction in the entire process of creating each piece. Everything you see here is made by me alone, and I love it that way (for now :)).

Some of my previous clients include Erin Fetherston, Katie Daisy, Simone Harouche, and Swift Co. for Stouffer's, plus countless lovers of animals, the natural world, and magical moments everywhere. 

Thanks for coming by, HOOPLA LOVES YOU!